R. Umesh
Ph: 9845918517, 9986580220, 8970221100
Office: 9241179958
Email: rucaterers@gmail.com   
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RU Caterers began in 2007 with its headquarters in Bangalore under the ownership of Mr. R umesh, who has 14 years of experience in catering industry and is the sole proprietor of RU Caterers. He is always in forefront at providing the best quality services to his clients. His mission is to serve healthy and tasty food to the folk as he thinks good nourishment served is service to nation itself. He believes in his Work is worship and is a dedicated owner always present at all events. His clients are not just for restricted to a function but for events for a lifetime. His popularity began with mouth to mouth publishing by his own clients. His value for money is the main attribute that makes every client his life time client. His relationship with his clients is very intimate as only intimacy can make the food service satisfying to the clients. His company RU Caterers asset is the clients trust that has made him go big and serve all over India specially all over Karnataka for all sects of people ranging from South Indian to North Indian Style, serving all types of Indian dishes varying from local to custom made style.

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